Top Reasons To Have Your Vehicle Serviced At A Manufacturer's Dealership

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There are certain duties and responsibilities that come along with owning a car. Purchasing the vehicle is only the first step because you then have to maintain it if you want to keep it on the road. Oil changes are a must and getting regular tune-ups helps to improve the way the automobile rides. When it is time to take the car in for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, where do you go? If you typically choose your run-of-the-mill corner repair facility, check out a few reasons why it's better to go straight to the manufacturer's dealership.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

Although it may not have been clearly stated to you at the time of purchase, there are often manufacturer's warranties attached to vehicles that can be highly beneficial to you. Some of the repairs that you would typically have to pay for at a third-party facility could be partially or completely covered if you go to the manufacturer's dealership. You might be surprised when the technician finishes the work, hands you your keys and a bill that boldly states, "Paid in full!"

Maintaining the warranty is a big part of why it's important to have your repairs done by a certified manufacturer repair facility. If you take the vehicle elsewhere and they remove the original parts and replace them with aftermarket alternatives, it could potentially violate your warranty, thereby voiding any future repair work from being covered by the warranty. Going to the manufacturer's dealership when you need work done is the first line of defense to help you save.

There Could Be A Recall For The Same Repair

Although the manufacturer will usually send out a bulletin to all car owners when a recall becomes necessary, it's very possible to miss it. Maybe you've moved and the notice went to the old address or you could have received the letter on a busy day and simply overlooked it. The problem that you are experiencing with your vehicle may be related to a recall, but if you don't go to the original manufacturer dealership, you could end up paying for a repair that would have been completely covered had you gone back to the maker.

Manufacturer dealership technicians are often specially trained to work with that particular brand of cars so you can rest assured the service will be top-notch. The next time you need repairs, head over to one of these dealerships right away. For more information on car services for your particular make of car, such as Nissan services, contact a local dealership.