What To Wear When You Get On Your First Motorcycle

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Choosing the right motorcycle can be challenging because some motorcycles are more challenging to drive than others. Motorcycles can also come with a distinct style that may or may not fit you. If you are more interested in simply getting around when the weather is nice, you may be better off with a motorcycle that is simple to ride. However, if you are interested in racing, you will need a sports bike. 

Choosing the Right Bike

When you will be driving your motorcycle around locally, you are better off with a standard bike that will be easier to control. However, if you will be driving your motorcycle across long distances, you would be better off with a cruiser. 

While a high-performance bike can be fun if this is your first motorcycle, you may not be ready for it. A high-performance motorcycle can be too fast and can be too difficult for a new rider to control. One upside of a sportbike, though, is that you will find it easier to drive down curvy roads.

Buying a Used Bike

When you first start riding, consider purchasing a used motorcycle. You are likely to damage your motorcycle and it makes no sense to have your damaged first motorcycle be one that is newer and more expensive. After you have become more comfortable with riding a motorcycle, you can then look for a better ride. 

If you will be purchasing a used motorcycle, make sure that it looks right. Ask for service records. Look for any evidence of rust on the fender, bodywork or tank. If the vehicle was serviced, find out what type of parts were used. Make sure that there is no oil seepage or leaks. 

You will need a bike that is not too tall for you. For example, you will need to be able to place both of your feet on the ground while sitting on the bike. Otherwise, the best bike for you is the one that feels the most comfortable.

Protective Clothing

Before you begin your first motorcycle lesson, purchase all of the safety equipment you will need to protect yourself, including a:

If you need glasses, you will want eyewear that is highly durable. While you may be able to avoid falling off your bike with the right training, if you do fall off, your protective clothing is the only thing that will shield you.