Buying A Used Car For Occasional Use: Three Things To Consider

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When it comes to buying a used car, there are different things to look for depending on your driving needs. If you are purchasing a used car as a backup vehicle, or if you simple don't drive all that much, here are a few things to consider as you shop for your vehicle.

Higher Mileage May Be Okay

If you are purchasing a used car for everyday use, you may be concerned with the number of miles on the odometer. High mileage may be a sign that a used car may not stand up to everyday use. However, if you are only planning to drive a limited amount every year, you may want to compromise on mileage. With a high mileage vehicle, you may be able to get a lower price while still getting a car that will suit your needs.

Reliable Tires

Your new used car may be sitting in your driveway or garage for long periods at a time, and you want to know that the tires won't be flat when you are ready to get behind the wheel. Be sure to inspect the tires on any used vehicle you are interested in .If the tires are threadbare, you may want to negotiate down the price of the car to cover the cost of replacement tires. Some dealerships may even do a tire replacement for you.

Body Rust

Body rust is never a good thing to have on a vehicle, but for a car that will spend a lot of time in a storage unit or garage, the beginning signs of rust can be a deal-breaker. Cars stored in garages or storage units for long-term storage may be exposed to moisture and damp conditions over time, which can lead to rust. A car that's already begun to rust may become worse after just a short period of time in storage. Take your time to not only inspect the body of the car for signs of rust, but also consider getting underneath to look for rust on the undercarriage, inside the wheel wells, and even the gas tank. If you are willing to accept a vehicle that has some body rust already because you want to remove the rust on your own, negotiate with the salesman to take the rust into account on the car's total price.

A used car can be a great option for anyone in need of a second car just for emergencies, or anyone who only needs to drive to the grocery store every now and again. Use these tips to find the right car at the right price to meet your needs. Contact a dealer, like Direct Auto, to get started.