Consider Fuel Type And Warranty Coverage When Looking At Pre-Owned Trucks

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If you are in the market for a new truck, one of the most affordable ways to obtain a new truck is by purchasing a pre-owned truck. When you purchase a pre-owned truck, you need to decide if you want a gas or diesel powered truck and make sure that the truck comes with a solid warranty.

#1 Type of Fuel

The first thing you need to determine when shopping for a pre-owned truck is what type of fuel you want your truck to use. Do you want to purchase a truck that runs on regular gas or do you want to purchase a truck that runs on diesel or biodiesel fuel?

Diesel is less expensive to purchase at the gas station than regular fuel. When you fill up your truck, you will save money at the gas station. However, the savings that you experience at the pump with a diesel engine are often lost when you look at repair and maintenance costs.

It is more expensive to take care of a diesel engine. The repair and maintenance tend to cost more on a diesel engine compared to a gas engine. If you are interested in purchasing a truck with a diesel engine, you need to take the truck to a mechanic and get the engine inspected. You don't want to purchase a pre-owned truck that is going to require thousands of dollars of work shortly. You want to purchase a pre-owned truck that will run for a while before you have to put money into it.

Ask to see the maintenance log for the truck. If you can find out what auto repair shops worked on the vehicle in the past, contact those shops directly to get more insight into the vehicle.

#2 Warranty

Just because you are buying a pre-owned truck doesn't mean that you get to skip out on the benefits of warranty. Many dealerships sell warranties that either come with your pre-owned truck or can be added to the price of your pre-owned truck.

Be sure to inspect the warranty carefully to make sure that it does protect you. Check and see if the drivetrain and smog system is covered under warranty; these are two systems that often need to be addressed with older trucks. If the mileage on the truck exceeds the manufacture warranty, you want to purchase a truck that comes with a warranty that will cover the vehicle for an additional period of time or number of miles. Replacing and fixing the engine, transmission, and computer in an older truck can be expensive, which is why purchasing a pre-owned truck with a warranty that will help you with those expenses can be more than worth it.

When purchasing a pre-owned truck, know what type of fuel source you want and make sure that the truck comes with a solid warranty that will cover the drivetrain, engine, transmission and smog systems. Contact a dealership that has pre-owned Fords for sale for more information and assistance.