Three Things Buying And Driving Used Cars Can Teach You That New Cars Can't

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In your teens and twenties, you may be disappointed that you cannot afford a brand-new car. However, driving and buying used cars should actually be looked at as an opportunity to learn a new set of skills and applying those skills to your new car in the future. Here are three things that buying and driving used cars can teach you that buying and driving new cars cannot.

1. How to Haggle with Automotive Dealers

The sticker price on a used car is not what the car is worth. When you already know that the used car you are interested in cannot possibly be just a couple thousand cheaper than a brand-new model, you quickly learn to haggle the price of the used model down to something much more agreeable. The auto dealer still needs to turn a profit on the used vehicle, so you will have to learn just how low you can bid before the dealers are no longer interested in selling you a used car. After you have done this a couple of times and driven a couple of used cars, you will probably have the necessary skills down to haggle the sticker price on a new vehicle, which most inexperienced car buyers would just accept at face value and pay full price.

2. Sounds and Actions of a Car That Needs Repairs

When you drive a used car, you expect that it will have more problems and will need more frequent repairs. When your car breaks down, you quickly learn what the problem is, how it sounds, what it feels like and the precursors to that issue. Then you are able to recognize when that same car problem is about to happen again, regardless of the make and model of car. 

3. Car Maintenance 

To extend the life of your used car (and save up money for your new car or your next used car), you may want to learn how to do certain maintenance tasks. In doing so, you may also learn which tasks take priority over the others so that you do not end up with considerably large bills for car parts that could have been saved with proper maintenance. With used cars, many of these maintenance tasks happen a little more frequently than they do with new cars, which can help you anticipate problems and prevent them through maintenance once you finally own a brand-new car.

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