Reasons Why Your Automatic Car Window Won't Work

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Frustration begins when an automatic car window won't work, and you have already waited in a long line at your favorite fast food restaurant. This is something that can happen to any vehicle that has an automatic window unit. The causes can vary. Sometimes it is a simple fix, and sometimes it isn't. Before you take the door apart, try some of these suggestions.

Fuses: If all of the windows are not working, it may be as simple as replacing a fuse. One of the best indications of this occurs if you hear nothing when you try to open the window. The fuse box is usually located around the area of the steering wheel or dashboard of the vehicle. Some vehicles have the box under the hood. If you can't find it, check the owner's manual for its location. Be sure you have turned off the vehicle before you attempt to change the fuse.

Sometimes there is a tool in the fuse box to help you remove the fuse. If not, don't panic because you can use your fingers or a small screwdriver just as easily. Be sure to use the same type/amp fuse as indicated on the diagram. Using the wrong size will probably make the fuse blow again.

Electrical or Mechanical:  Unfortunately, if it isn't the fuse, you may have a problem that needs a professional to diagnose the issue. It could be a defective wiring issue or a bad switch. If you have a 12- volt test light, you can check the wiring to discover the problem.

Unfortunately, if you can hear motor noises, or if the glass tries to move, you most likely have got a mechanical issue. You may need to replace the regulator which is a common problem with automatic window units. This unit allows the window to move up and down. This part is not very expensive, but will require removing the door panel.

Bad Gaskets

Most of the newer model cars have a rubber gasket to prevent elements from the outside reaching the interior of the vehicle. As time passes, the window may become sluggish because these gaskets deteriorate.

If this 'sticky' window situation continues, there may be some electrical, motor, or regulator issues because of the added strain. The gasket is inexpensive compared to the diagnostic process that may become necessary from ignoring the problem.

These are a few issues that can cause your windows to quit working effectively. It is always a good idea to troubleshoot the vehicle before going to the professionals. You can save a lot of time and money using the do-it-yourself method. However, if you can't fix things on your own, contact a business such as Benchmark Motors INC.